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Journey below to experience the diverse range of Ross's guest appearances on podcasts. As you explore our collection of podcast clips, you'll find detailed descriptions below each one, outlining the specific topics discussed. These range from addressing the use of excessive force, fostering accountability within police departments, to enhancing community relations through ethical practices. These discussions not only reflect Ross's profound knowledge but also his commitment to improving law enforcement standards and community trust.

KSOK Uncensored Live Podcast with Kristin Sokoloff

In this snippet, we embarked on a deep dive into a topic dear to me - addressing the deficit within our country's police agencies. My focus remains steadfast - to explain, show, illustrate and talk about the effectiveness of building or improving an agency that is grounded in ethics based policing and showing the results. The outcomes are all beneficial to the agency and the officers, and to the public that the officers serve and protect.

In this snippet,  we explored the importance of Police Code of Conduct, ethics manuals, and more. It's an undeniable truth that these guidelines form the backbone of our police system. However, these documents aren't self-executing. They are only as effective as the leaders in charge of implementing them. If our sergeants, lieutenants, and officers don't embody these principles in their actions, these guidelines may be rendered meaningless. Leadership sets the tone and the culture. For our police departments to be truly effective, they must foster a culture where each member lives and breathes the policies and procedures meant to uphold justice and ensure public safety.

Police 1 - Policing Matters Podcast

Repairing Relations Between the Police and the Public. In an era where trust and understanding are paramount, this issue requires thoughtful dialogue, empathy, and action. We must be willing to ask ourselves the hard questions and bring ethics back into our Police culture.

We dive into essential advice for new Chiefs of Police. Becoming a Chief of Police is a monumental milestone, and I'm passionate about providing guidance to those taking on this crucial responsibility.

We dove deep into a topic close to my heart - the significance of including Officers in the Policy Creating Process. I truly believe that those who are going to follow policies and procedures, directives and general orders should have a hand in shaping them. Policymaking becomes more effective, transparent, and trustworthy when the experience and expertise of officers are leveraged. They're on the front lines, after all, and see the real-world implications of these policies every day. I'm incredibly grateful to the the Policing Matters Podcast for providing a platform to discuss such important topics. These conversations are the first step towards change. Let's continue to engage, listen and learn from each other. Remember, we're all in this together.

9-1-What Podcast

In this excerpt from my interview with Demarland Dean on the 9-1-What Podcast, we discussed the need of addressing the issues in policing, while also ensuring that law enforcement officers get the proper support they need when they are justified in their decisions. I've always been an advocate for Police Officers who do the right thing!

Click here to listen to the full interview. 

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